Aggregates sand & gravel

Aggregates like gravel and in particular sand, because of their applications, need to be washed to recover fine particles and eliminate the silt which adheres to their surfaces. Usually, the water used for sand washing can be recycled by using settling ponds in which heavier particles settle down and where they are collected from the bottom to be stocked.

Recovery and storage of these materials, which must be disposed of with excavators, trucks and personnel at a later stage, have significant costs for aggregate production industry, also due to the fact that it is necessary to dedicate a large area to these operations.

Matec filter press allows to get rid of settling ponds and produces dry cakes easy to stock and dispose of, it also recovers water which is particularly important in dry areas.


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Before the filtration and purification process with filter press, the residue can be processed by a screw separator or a dewatering screen to separate and select the aggregates.


USAUSAaggregates sand and gravel icon

1000×1000 120 plates

Client Aggcorp
Location Cleveland, Ohio
TPH 20
LPM 18000 / GPM 4900
Cycles 3
USAUSAaggregates sand and gravel icon

1200×1200 100 plates

Client West Oahu Aggregate
Location Hawaii
TPH 22
LPM 6500 / GPM 1756
Cycles 3
USAUSAaggregates sand and gravel icon

1500×2000 190 plates

Client Graniterock
Location California
TPH 89.2
LPM 60000 / GPM 16000
Cycles 3