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Mechanical dewatering with high-pressure technology

Dewatering by high/pressure technology (HPT) means a higher force to drive or compress the filter cake, achieving a dryer filter cake as low as 10% residual moisture, giving back up to 98% water to the process.

The NEW HPT30 bar allows you to filter at an even higher pressure than before.

The MEGALITH with its simple design, consisting of 6 pushing type hydraulic cylinders, used to close the filter press, disturbing the closing pressure evenly, and open the filter press of which the first 10 plates are shifted. Also consists of the NEW TTX opening for the remainder of the filter plates, opening in patches of 10, and at a rate that makes the TTX the fastest opening technology on the market.


Simple also means the filter press consists of recessed chamber plates, linked together by chain, and a shaker system consisting of pneumatic cylinders, all standard with the MEGALITH filter press.

Structurally sound and all put together by a fixed carbon steel head, end and 4 lengths of double welded rectangular tubing, for side beams. Making this filter press the only filter press capable in reaching 30 bar safely.

With the demand for filtration technology increasing and the material to be filtered becoming more challenging, the need for NEW technology becomes more prominent.

By creating the BIGGEST filter press out there that makes use of the Highest feed pressures currently possible, we are solving dewatering problems by giving a single solutions to the solid – liquid seperation challenges.

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TERRAE 1300×1300 – 200 plates

Location USA
TPH 22
LPM 6000 / GPM 1600
Cycles 1 cycle per hour
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1500×2000 190 plates

Client Sunrock
Location North Carolina
TPH 89.3
LPM 20000 / GPM 5400
Cycles 3
USA USA aggregates sand and gravel icon

1300×1300 160 plates

Client Old Castle
Location North Carolina
TPH 35
LPM 8000 / GPM 2115
Cycles 2/3