• coal mines minerals iconCoal mines & minerals
  • aggregates sand and gravel iconAggregates sand & gravel
  • recycling iconRecycling & soil washing
  • glass and ceramics iconGlass & ceramics
  • chemical iconChemical, plastic, industrial
Perfect for medium and large production plants specialized in aggregates, sand and gravel treatment in quarries and mines. Terrae 1200×1200, 1300×1300, 1500×1500 e 1500×2000.

It is named after the Latin word for Earth, because it is specially created for and completely dedicated to every kinds of applications in quarries and mines, that is to say for areas where men use the Earth for progress.

Filtropressa Terrae


USAUSAchemical icon

1500×1500 200 plates

Client Silica Sand
Location California
TPH 89.3
LPM 20000 / GPM 5400
Cycles 3
1500x1500 Arcelor WV
USAUSAcoal mines minerals icon

1500×1500 170 plates X2

Client Arcelor WV
Location West Virginia
TPH 83
LPM 8000 / GPM 2115
Cycles 2
USAUSAcoal mines minerals icon

1500×2000 130 plates

Client Kentucky Coal
Location Kentucky
TPH 61
LPM 25000 / GPM 8300
Cycles 3