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We design and build waste water purification and filtration systems in many sectors.

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marble way

MARBLE WAY – Complete plant for washing systems


GRAZIANI – Complete plant in the marble & stone sector


MATEC biggest plant in the world, CSN – Brazil

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USA USA aggregates sand and gravel icon

TERRAE 1300×1300 – 200 plates

Location USA
TPH 22
LPM 6000 / GPM 1600
Cycles 1 cycle per hour
USA USA coal mines minerals icon

1500×2000 130 plates

Client Kentucky Coal
Location Kentucky
TPH 61
LPM 25000 / GPM 8300
Cycles 3
USA USA coal mines minerals icon

1500×2000 180 plates

Client Rhino Kerco
Location Kentucky
TPH 84.6
LPM 74000 / GPM 20000
Cycles 3
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