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Filter Press Matec America

The leading company in wastewater treatment plant and filtration

MATEC AMERICA the leading company for filter press, is the American branch of Matec Srl. It imports and distributes Matec’s products in USA, Canada and Mexico.

Through our headquarters based in High Point, North Carolina, we can offer fast  services, as well as fast delivery and before and after sales assistance. Customers can also find all the spare parts for any Matec Srl product and machine.

MATEC AMERICA was born with the purpose of providing services just in time all across the American market, supporting Matec’s products with an excellent technical and commercial organization. The company assembles the equipment in its plants thanks to high-trained and skilled technicians. The personnel consists of people directly hired in America and workforce who has relocated from Italy.

MATEC AMERICA can offer filtration and purification turnkey plants for the major sectors, such as coal, iron-ore, aggregates, cement, ceramics. We carried out over 100 installations in the United States (1000 worldwide).

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Filter Press

Matec filter press

To obtain perfectly dried mud cakes, Matec America filter press is the best technical/economical solution. Our machines use more pressure than those of our competitors, working up to 20 Bars. More pressure means greater results, both in terms of cake dryness and cycle time. We manufacture four ranges of filter presses to handle all capacities and flow rates, from a small ACQUAE machine, trough the IGNIS and TERRAE ones, to the MAGNUM filter presses, the biggest ones available on the market.

Automation, top brands, 24-month warranty, HPT and TT2 Fast are what Matec America can offer compared to our competitors and we offer them for every range, whatever the size of your business is. The average residual moisture is 15%, but we can squeeze cakes to obtain 7-8% residual moisture and the water obtained from the dewatering is clean and ready to be reused or disposed of safely. Matec technology complies with the latest environmental regulations, while maximizing the returns of the plant, through savings and earnings. That is what clients have been asking for.


Dewatering system

Matec dewatering system

Matec America designs, manufactures and installs turnkey plants for the purification and filtration of waste water and sludge arising from industrial and mining processes.

By using Matec America machines you can dehydrate large amounts of material, in order to both recover the water and reuse it and dispose of the solid material.

Matec America key product is the filter press, but we would like to illustrate the complete Matec package, the one will give you the best results when speaking of dewatering systems: BIFLOC, DOSON, SILO, BIFANG, FILTER PRESS.


High Tech

Matec accessories

Nowadays, hi-tech or cutting-edge are adjectives which guarantee a certain appeal to advertised products. For us, the manufacturing of quality machines has always been the most important aspect of our business and the one we have always highlighted in advertising them. And to achieve Matec quality standards we use high technologies.

The filter press might be considered as a machine which works according to simple principles known for over a thousand years, but it is also true that some specific hi-tech accessories can be added to improve its productivity dramatically. That is to say, we use those accessories to carry out simple and efficient ideas, finding the perfect applications of cutting-edge technologies.


Matec America Latest Project

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  • Sunrock project
    Carolina Sunrock

10 Golden Rules

The ten rules for not making a mistake in choosing your filterpress.
After evaluating and comparing the various points, we are sure you will choose MATEC AMERICA product, because the best one for its price/quality ratio.

News, Events, Focus & Trade Show

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